When you think of ice cream, you think of summertime fun and the memories that you created with your friends and families. You don't think of the hard work that goes into making that ice cream or the people it may actually help. Help—yes, you read that correctly. Ice cream is an escape for many from their day-to-day stresses, and though it isn't thought of in that moment, one scoop washes all the negative vibes away for a hot minute. That's what the Mikey Likes It Ice Cream experience delivers. Owner Michael Cole aka Mikey Likes It is on a mission to ensure that all who step into his shop—whether kids, teachers, a police officer or just people from around the way—get their magical scoop and are good to go. Like his recipes, Mikey has his own little secret: his G-Shock. Mikey's G-Shock keeps him on point and focused, whether he is making a fresh batch in time for opening or heading to meetings with his business partner, Akeem. Don’t let that sweet face fool you. While Mikey is filled with flavorful love, running a shop in the East Village of New York requires absolute toughness.

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