Mikey Takes L.A.


What a great time on the West Coast. So many great people here. The sun, the beach, and year round hot weather. The perfect place for an ice cream aficionado. Throughout the day we'll be posting our photo series on our Instagram: Mikey Takes L.A. See some of the places and awesome people we've meet.

My first stop was Jason Markk to drop off some kicks gotta keep em clean!


You know we had to stop by the Free Range truck to see what their chicken sandwich was all about.


Ran into Joshton Peas such a great guy


Quick stop over at Riff LA to cop some kicks


Went over to LA Brea to visit Union Los Angeles and ran into Chris Union


Def couldn't leave LA without going to visit Nippsey Hussles store called The Marathon


One final stop for Free Range before going home. LA was a great experience, definitely going, going back, back to Cali! We have a few surprises coming your way.