Introducing... The Incredible Hulk!


Ice cream for the health conscious person that is also vegan friendly.

The concept behind the Incredible Hulk ice cream is to give a health-conscious person and a vegan person the opportunity to enjoy ice cream without breaking their dietary regimen. We have taken all the great things that are good for you and combined them to create a healthy alternative that is just as tasty, refreshing, and decadent as any other one of Mikey's creations.

It all starts with spinach, kale, celery, cucumber and green apples from Hawa Juices and Smoothies. Added to that is spirulina and bitter melon juice. This healthy elixir is then sweetened with natural cold pressed sugarcane juice and lime from Sugarcane Island. And last but not least, thickened with bananas and avocado. 

We present to you, The Incredible Hulk.